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Michael Shmeya: As the world comes to a halt, use the time to take your power back, stop blaming others and take action. You can do this. Stay healthy, with love and respect

Taking your power back in the Coronavirus crisis

Icarus - the dangers of flying too low

Icarus – and the dangers of flying too low

Security tips - protect your data and systems

Keeping your data and systems safe: These ‘bread-and-butter’ security measures will deter most attackers

Maybe do nothing?

Doing nothing – is it ok?


Your flaws and those of others – a post about self awareness

Benedetta Paravia, Italian entrepreneur in Dubai

An interview with Benedetta Paravia, Italian entrepreneur in Dubai

With great power comes great responsibility

The lowdown on crediting images properly


What 240 yogis do in a film studio


“You Western people think about your bum while you practice, I think about where my bum meets my soul!”


Busy lifestyle? Life actually becomes busier without yoga.