Reblogging – a really easy way to blog!

By Keren Lerner
15th June 2010

If you really are stuck for a new blog post, one little “cheat” you can do is called a “reblog”. This is where you have found some FANTASTIC post on another blog. Then you just write a couple of lines above about how FANTASTIC this blog post is.

For more on the many different types of blog posts, please have a look at this blog we wrote on Types of Blog Posts that Make Blogging Easy (see how we did that? Clever, hey?)

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Keren Lerner
Keren Lerner is the founder of TLD and came up with the idea of this blog, which is used to show different types of blogs, for training and placing interesting topics and stories. All the posts on this site are edited by Keren but often you will see the credit is from someone else.