This post was actually written in November 2012. But I backdated it.

By Keren Lerner
5th October 2012

Why backdate your blog posts?

It’s about the impression you are giving. You don’t want to look like you have a blog which you haven’t kept up to date – even if it’s true. It’s possible to make it SEEM like you were super efficient and blogging all along. You see, when you share a post, and people land on your blog, they see the other posts and when you wrote them.  This is a good thing – as it means your older posts can be read. But it’s also a bad thing, if you have been neglecting your blog.

I recently had a creative brainwave and posted a post about cats and dogs. This wasn’t appropriate to put onto the Top Left Design blog as it had nothing to do with marketing or design.

I then noticed it had been over a year since I last put a post onto this blog. And since this is a blog about blogging, that’s really bad. But my evil plan is to cover my tracks. So eventually, no one will know (except you). And WordPress allows you to publish a post in the past, or schedule it for the future. It’s magical blogging time travel!

How often should you be blogging?

For a business blog, I think it’s best to have at least one blog post per month. One a week is better. And since I hadn’t done this, I have to make it seem like I had. Fill up the calendar, cover my tracks!

So, I will have to write 11 blog posts about non time sensitive topics, and somehow relate them to blogging. And I will do this!

These will precede this one, so if you are reading this – it’s my confession and I am scuppered. To help me out I will be on the lookout for guest posts, list posts, recommendations and reviews – from other writers. I may even go and dig out those emails I keep getting from people saying they would like to provide content for this post, and ask them to send me what they have.

But rest assured, I will only accept high quality, useful content, as there is no point otherwise! Comments welcome below.

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