The Healing Power of Cat Purrs – an infographic

By Keren Lerner
10th January 2014

Found this infographic and thought – it’s amazing. Bigger version to be found here:

One guy (Jonathan J Broome) via a Facebook comment even said:

“One time 20 years ago when I used to abuse drugs I swore I was having a heart attack. I managed to stumble and crawl up to the couch and lay there. Mosses, the cat I had at the time noticed a problem and jumped up on my chest purring and sinking his claws into me like acupuncture. he purred like crazy. Within an hour I felt fine and was ready to do more drugs.”

I thought that was funny. This is scientifically proven by the way. And the infographic is by designer Gemma Busquets.


The Healing Power of Cat Purrs - infographic by Gemma Busquets

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