What 240 yogis do in a film studio

By Keren Lerner
15th August 2015

Written by Sergey Zhelezko

photo credit: Nam Chantepie

One hundred yoga pants marching in the biggest filmmaking studio on the Balkans.

They pass through London, New York, Rome and other sets to get to their destination – 3 colossal rooms.

The studios are filled with the best moviemaking equipment and more than 80 filmmaking professionals who have already set up the lighting, moved dollies in, and charged the camera batteries for the next 12 hour shooting session to produce the best quality yoga on the market.

Red Epic

photo credit: Nam Chantepie

We put all our love for yoga into the 12 days of continuous shooting of the best yoga teachers to make you feel like you are one of these 240 yoga students from all over the world.

First group of students comes in, while others are warming up on the lawn outside. The students take their places on the perfectly aligned mats and Udaya yoga blocks.

A band comes in to play some live music and soothes any aches or relieves any tensions you have in you body or mind.

The first teacher is taking his starting position in front of the camera. We hear director’s commands:

“Let’s roll sound.



rudy for blog

Rudy Mettia on the warming Fire set

The soft speech of the teacher sounds as a part of the band. They do not just coexist together, they blend together and co-create the mood of relaxation and peace around the students and you.

You are no longer at home, you are no longer at work, you are at the studio with us. No one here judges you, but helps and motivates to move forward in your practise and in your daily life.

Join us on the trip to becoming better versions of ourselves.

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