Michael Shmeya: As the world comes to a halt, use the time to take your power back, stop blaming others and take action. You can do this. Stay healthy, with love and respect

Taking your power back in the Coronavirus crisis

By Keren Lerner
22nd March 2020

Another brilliant guest post about the Coronavirus pandemic from Michael Schmeya of Michael Schmeja Consulting

My Fellow Humans

Some of you can cope easier with the situation than others. Some are afraid of losing their jobs, can’t’ stand their spouses after week one of home office, are annoyed with their kids or are simply in fear for what the future holds. I want to let you know that you are not alone and for that I will make many slots available next weeks, free of charge, to give me a call and vent your anger or rage, scream, cry, simply share what’s on your mind. Email me and we will find a time to talk.

On first order, and that’s what we shall prioritize these days, is everybody’s safety and well-being and even you and I can’t eventually hear it anymore, work along the rules and recommendations from virologists and experts in the field. I also understand given the load of information available the term “expert” comes with mixed feelings and its sometimes easier, and more exciting, to follow a conspiracy theory where someone explains to you “the real truth with 100% confidence” and often with absurd evidence. DON’T.

On a second-order derivative I believe the current situation is a huge chance to stop and to reverse our thinking and actions. The last years did see a “Top down” worship of people with money, followers, power or narcissistic egos. In consequence, that has had far too many people believing that they have no power, no voice, no agency in their own lives; and they trust agencies, influencers, and leaders who do consistently fail them or lie to them.

It is time to reverse all of this and it will need time to get most people to do it. 

What do I believe is necessary?

I want you to trust yourself. I want authenticity, integrity, meaning, honor and purpose to return to your lives. I want you to live and shape a society and culture that respects truth, life and earth. All life, regardless of race, color or gender. I want you to belong and connect to each other.
I want you to understand that you are not helpless and lost, that you have power and that you can think for yourself.

Side note: Did you notice what many linked with social distancing by staying at home? Netflix binge-watching and lying on the sofa. The majority of trolleys I saw when I went grocery shopping, Coke, candy and well, …. toilet paper! 

This is not what I mean by taking your power back. The one’s having the power won’t give it back to you easily! They are already lining up their lobbyist, kissing Donald’s ass, crying for bailout, making ludicrous predictions about the future or when the stock market will be back to old levels. It’s pathetic. The best you can hope for, in my humble opinion, is that we can transition through an extremely rough period without social unrest, reset and create a different model and way of living together.

Taking your power back comes with taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. It comes with educating yourself rather than consuming mindless stuff. It means uniting with fellow human beings and standing for your beliefs. So, the next time they usher you to a Townhall make constructive points about what needs to change and vote with your voice and feet. I didn’t do that enough when I worked in my industry, certainly not loud enough. Sucked in by the system until I had a wake-up call years ago. I try now daily when giving feedback and coaching CEO’s and middle management and through my posts. Trust your gut and heart to differentiate between a good leader and a bad one, you will know. There are also good ones. Leaders, influencer and people in power need you, they are helpless without you and they are here to work for you and not for themselves. But if you copy their bad actions don’t be surprised that you will be where you are in the food chain according to your sole power.

And understand that nobody will do change for you, you will have to start on your own, finding your values, think about the life you want to live, do the action and take people with you. For some who will lose their jobs, it will be a hard reset, but maybe later, it will even have been a blessing for them. Ever so often clients tell me they loved it if they would be fired and somebody would take the decision for them. Don’t stay in that mindset.

As the world comes to a halt, use the time to take your power back, stop blaming others and take action. You can do this.

Stay healthy, with love and respect


Add on:
A study on rats shows that when little rats invite big rats to play, if little rats don’t win at least 30% of the time, then the little rats will refuse to play.
In politics too. If the little guy doesn’t occasionally win against the big guy, beware when he/she refuses to play the game.

Michael Schmeja Consulting
Develop Leaders Not Followers

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